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Highlights of the 1976 SKA 20th Anniversary $29.95

Best of the 20th Anniversary Celebration was transferred from Earl Rand's original 1976 8mm films to video tape and is narrated by Jon Beltram.  Picture quality is only fair, but the content is... incredible!

Ohshima Sensei demonstrates:

  • Hangetsu
  • nagewaza (throwing techniques).

Kata demonstrations by:

  • Tsutomu Ohshima
  • Caylor Adkins
  • Sadaharu Honda
  • Daniel Chemla
  • Mr. Yamaguchi

Jiyu Kumite featuring:

  • Mark Kohagura
  • Tom White
  • Fred House
  • Clabe Hartley.

Portions of iai, jiyu-kumite and resuscitation from the Yodan and Godan testing include Don DePree, Jim Sagawa, Daniel Chemla, Sada Honda and others. Kamata Watanabe, one of Mr. Ohshima's seniors from Waseda University, demonstrates kneeling zuki

(color, about 30 minutes in length).

1976 Hangetsu by Mr. Ohshima, 452772 byte(s).
Tsutomu Ohshima demonstrates Hangetsu kata in a scene from the video tape (actual video quality is far superior.  The image above has been reduced to 76 pixels square in order to reduce download time)
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