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Self Defense Techniques by Jon Beltram $29.95

DVD with shipping options


  • wrist releases
  • lapel releases
  • torso encirclement releases
  • head lock releases
  • choking techniques and releases
  • ground techniques
  • knife defenses
  • gun defenses
  • throwing

(about 30 minutes).

Self Defense Techniques by Jon Beltram contains exceptionally clear explanations and  demonstrations of essential self defense techniques which are highly effective. The tape includes sections on wrist releases, lapel releases, torso encirclement releases, head lock releases, choking techniques and releases, techniques from the ground, knife defenses, gun defenses, and throwing. Dr. Beltram, godan, is a professional teacher and secondary school administrator with excellent communication skills. 

Self Defense Techniques is an extraordinary resource for anyone wishing to study and improve grappling, torite, control and release capability.

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