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A Practice with Ohshima Sensei, May 1988 $29.95

A Practice with Ohshima Sensei documents Tsutomu Ohshima teaching age-uke, mae-geri, fumikomi, oi-zuki, gyaku-zuki, Heian Shodan, Bassai, Hangetsu, jiyu-ippon kumite, and maai giri (cutting distance). Includes a complete written transcript of Mr. Ohshima's lecture (about 2 hours).

"In my 25 years of education, this is the most profound teaching aid I've ever seen.  Mr. Ohshima is beyond belief!"     -- Jon Beltram, godan

"Like a handful of seeds to make your practice grow.  Just add sweat..."      -- Michael Schuler, yodan

"I've seen this film.  It is extremely important for all SKA mambers to have it."     -- John Teramoto, godan

1976 Hangetsu by Mr. Ohshima, 62985 byte(s).
Mr. Ohshima explains age-uke
Tsutomu Ohshima explains age-uke in a random cut from the video tape shot by David Lightner.
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