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Revised Feb 10, 2014



May 28 - June 1, 2014
Check in Wednesday at 5 pm. DON'T BE LATE. 
Dan testing will begin Sunday at 9 am following completion of the final practice.

Mike Bedinger
P.O. Box 199
Liberty, MO  64069
cell: 816-729-5422
work: 816-781-4618

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June 1-5, 2011 summer special training, Mike Lyon, leader
June 6-10, 2011 Midwest Summer Special Training, Mike Lyon, leader

Missouri Western State University, 4525 Downs Drive, St. Joseph, MO (About an hour north of downtown KC; About 1/2 hour north of KCI Airport -- map and directions

MWSU is a small rural college nestled in the quiet rolling hills on the East edge of historical St. Joseph, MO.  The campus setting with lots of green grassy fields and groves of trees, ponds, and widely spaced buildings is an ideal setting for living together during summer special training without distractions from city squalor, busy streets, or crowds of other people.  Our residence hall, cafeteria, and training facilities are all within sight of one another.  In case of emergency, a hospital is about 5 minutes drive East of the campus.

COST $350 if payment received by May 14 ($400 if payment received later). Make check payable to "Mike Bedinger or SKA" and write "Midwest Summer Special Training" on the memo line.

You must complete and return the APPLICATION and INDEMNIFICATION FORM from your recent SHOTOKAN Newsletter, along with your payment. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian must sign the Parental Waiver of Rights, Consent, and Indemnification Agreement on the back of the Application. Recommending senior should sign the appropriate portion of the form if you have been recommended for dan grading.

All members of Shotokan Karate of America at least 16 years of age may attend after obtaining the consent of their instructor. You should be ready to perform Tekki Shodan kata.

No smoking. No alcoholic beverages. No drugs. No sexual activity. No one will be permitted to leave. All persons must attend all training sessions for their rank level. All participants are required to have personal Medical and Hospital insurance coverage. Insurance arrangements should be made in advance, insurance will not be available at the site.

Sleep four to a suite.  Each suite includes two bedrooms, shower, bathroom, kitchenette, common area.  Bed linens, pillow, towel, washcloth are provided. All meals provided from breakfast Thursday morning through breakfast Sunday morning.

Karate-gis, personal toilet articles, casual but neat clothing, money for laundry, etc.

Senior members wishing to practice jiyu-kumite are required to use hand and mouth protection. Hand and mouth protection as well as groin protection for men and breast protection for women are recommended for all participants during sambon kumite. Be prepared -- protective equipment will NOT be available at the site.

We will provide transportation from Kansas City International airport (about 1/2 hour from the site). We will pick up Wednesday at 4:30 pm outside Gate 6 in Terminal A. To get to gate 6, just take the free RED BUS courtesy shuttle which stops about every 10 minutes at all baggage claim areas. The bus will leave the airport promptly at 4:30 pm! Do not plan a return flight prior to 2 pm Sunday.   Please contact Mike Bedinger if you want  a ride so we can accommodate everyone.




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