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Empi (Flying Swallow)

The distinctive motion of this kata is an upper level attack following which one grasps the opponent and draws him inward, simultaneously jumping in and attacking again. the movement resembles the up and down and flipping away flight of a swallow.
Ron Thom performs Empi, 200165 byte(s).

Dr. Ron Thom, President of Shotokan Karate of America, demonstrates his favorite kata, Empi. Animated from original video tape produced by SKA. 

The complete video tape, including Mr. Ohshima's comments and corrections, and several performances at various speeds and viewing angles is available for purchase from the SKA ON-LINE STORE or by emailing Shotokan Karate of America.

Unidentified karate-ka performs Empi at Keio University in 1924

A 30 minute video with this and other material is available for purchase from masterspub-mas.com


Sadaharu Honda performs Empi in 1976.  Complete video tape available for purchase here.

Sadaharu Honda performs Empi in 2001 at Pittsburgh 35th Anniversary celebration.



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