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Tekki Shodan (Horse riding #1)

The name, Tekki, refers to the distinctive feature of this kata (and the other two Tekki forms), its horse riding stance (kiba-dachi). The legs are set in a strong, straddling position as if on horseback, and tension is applied to the outside edges of the soles of the feet with the feeling of gathering the strength in toward the center.
Manfred Chiu performs Tekki Shodan, 165347 byte(s).

Dr. Manfred Chiu demonstrates Tekki Shodan. Animated from original video tape produced by SKA.

The complete video tape, including Mr. Ohshima's comments and corrections, and several performances at various speeds and viewing angles is available for purchase from the SKA ON-LINE STORE or by emailing Shotokan Karate of America.

Gichin Funakoshi demonstrates Tekki Shodan at Keio University in 1924

A 30 minute video with this and other material may be purchased from Amazon.com



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