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Revised Aug 22, 2011

Sambon-gumite (three step sparring): From yoi (ready stance), both rei (bow), then attacker steps back to proper ma and begins three un-controlled oi-zuki attacks. With third attack, defender counter attacks exactly to vital point with control!  
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Don't show :

  • anger
  • fear
  • pain
  • injury
  • frustration.


  • smile
  • growl
  • talk

Mr. ono (on the right) and his partner demonstrate jodan sambon-gumite (pre-arranged sparring with three attacks to the face). Animated from Karate-do Kyohan.

  • Maintain realistic ma at all times
  • Exert youself with seriousness to your utmost capability
  • Counter attack must be capable of destroying opponent - but don't touch !
  • Your eyes always to opponent's eyes.
  • Kiai at exact moment technique is applied
  • Never lose your composure or become otherwise unbalanced
  • Unbalance your opponent
  • Don't show your breathing except during kiai
  • Zanshin (remaining mind) between bouts
  • Keep fists tightly closed and chin down.
  • Don't open your groin to opponent.
  • Maintain a strong, low stance with strong hips going always into your opponent
  • Escape from the brink of death by a hair's breadth



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