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Katawaguruma (half wheel)

1. The opponent attacks the upper level from a down block posture. 

2. Block the opponent's middle level attack by hooking downwards with the right wrist while stepping back with the left leg. 

3. Slide the right leg forward, inside the opponent's right leg, while grasping the opponent's neck with the right arm, and place your left hand under the opponent's right thigh. 

4. Lift the opponent's right leg up and pull his neck over to the right, lifting and throwing him.

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Norman Welch (with Curt Wvong) demonstrates katawaguruma at Shotokan Ohshima Dojo Dec 2, 2007

SKA members (only) may obtain instructions for downloading the complete 22 minute video of Norman Welch demonstration of the nine Shotokan nagewaza by emailing Mike Lyon.

katawaguruma, 5301 byte(s).

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The audio recordings are of Mr. Sadaharu Honda, godan and former President of SKA's Black Belt Council. Portions of the text are from Karate-Do Kyohan by Gichin Funakoshi, translated by Tsutomu Ohshima, copyright (c) Kodansha International, Ltd. Tokyo, Japan. All rights reserved.



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