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Casey's fairwell party July 8, 2007
98bldrs, 46482 byte(s).
October, 1998 Grand Opening Celebration Celebrities. From left: Mike Lyon, David Miller, Tsutomu Ohshima, Jon Beltram. David Miller is the designer/builder who was the general contractor for the dojo project.
warmup2, 54676 byte(s).
A view of the dojo interior -- students warming up prior to practice.
tearoom, 66414 byte(s).
Relaxing in the new Teramoto Tea Room. From left: Greg Oliver, Carl Johnson, John Teramoto, Tsutomu Ohshima, Jon Beltram, Joe Kappes, Mike Lyon.
warmup, 36197 byte(s).
Another view of the dojo before practice.
3-99sptn, 42083 byte(s).
March 14, 1999 photo taken at the end of the first spring special training held in the new dojo.
Pittsburgh ST, 71459 byte(s).
Pittsburgh, PA special training KC boys with VIPs. Front row, from left: Dom Pizoli (Chicago, IL), Sada Honda (Mars, PA), Luc Villain (Montreal, PQ), Mike Duray (Pittsburgh, PA), David Lightner (KC).
Back row, from left: Mark Sanchez (KC), Mike Lyon (KC), Ed Swob (KC), Carl Johnson (KC), David Altman (KC), Andy Brown (KC), Greg Barstow (KC).
Mr. Ohshima in tea room, 43525 byte(s).
Tsutomu Ohshima, Jon Beltram, Joe Kappes, Mike Lyon relax after practice in the new Teramoto Tea Room.




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