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Revised Aug 22, 2011


Prior to practice of karate, we warm-up and stretch for twenty to thirty minutes.  The order of exercises we follow at the beginning of each practice has been developed by Jon Beltram during more than forty years. 

  1. Jumping in place
  2. Head

    up and down
    looking left and right
    tilting side to side

  3. Arms

    circle backward
    circle forward
    open to the sides

  4. Twisting body and hips
  5. Front stance (zenkutsu-dachi)
  6. Sumo stance (shiko-dachi)
  7. Horse stance (kiba-dachi)
  8. Torso stretch to the sides
  9. Torso circles
  10. Bend and rotate knees
  11. Bend forward at the hips (touching toes)
  12. Bend backward at the hips (arching back)
  13. Seated with one leg extended stretch for toes
  14. Seated with legs extended together, stretch for toes exhaling
  15. Seated ankles and feet
  16. Standing with feet wide, down on one leg stretch to extended leg
  17. Standing with feet wide, stretch for toes
  18. Standing with feet wide, stretch forward and back
  19. Seated with legs wide, stretch for toes
  20. Seated with legs wide, stretch forward
  21. Butterfly
  22. Cobra
  23. Calves and ankles
  24. Raising knees to chest to the front
  25. Raising knees to chest to the side





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