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Revised Apr 10, 2018

Apr 10, 2018 Updated Self Defense DVD with Ken Richardson's PayPal code at kc-shotokan.com/books/self-def.htm
Mar 13, 2015 Updated home page with link to our NEW SITE at kc.ska.org
Mar 13, 2015 Updated Events Menu, kyu test schedules
Feb 18, 2014 Updated Affiliates contact information
Feb 10, 2014 Updated Events Menu, Winter Special Training 2014, Summer Special Training 2014 schedules
Nov 5, 2012 Updated Events Menu, kyu test schedules
Sep12, 2012 Updated Events Menu, Winter Special Training 2012, Summer Special Training 2013 schedules
Sep 8, 2012 Noon weekday practices removed from schedule - Instructors and schedule revised accordingly (Mike Bedinger added as instructor)
Aug 22, 2011 Updated Special Training dates
Mar 25, 2011 Updated Kyu Test date to 11am April 16, 2011
Mar 3, 2011 Updated Book Store to Amazon Associates bookstore.
Jan 24, 2011 Updated Schedule and Instructors to current (Jon Beltram has taken lead for Monday night practices)
Sep 14, 2010 Greg Oliver moving to Okinawa - Instructors revised - Tue 6pm practice cancelled and Wed / Fri schedule changed to noon (7am classes cancelled)
May 19, 2010 Added Norman Welch's 'My First Special Training' to essays.
Apr 18, 2010 revised events page to include photo from yesterday's kyu test and spring special training page to include photo from spring training and revised dates on both pages to be current.
Mar 27, 2010 added photo of Matt Chatfield to black belts
Mar 23, 2010 Kyu test moved to 11am April 17, 2010 (not April 24!)
Oct 7, 2009 updated schedule page, instructors page, Beltram's Strategies.
Jan 22, 2009 updated Tom Peacher's phone contact for Winter Special Training to 816-728-0918
Oct 9, 2008 changed Self Defense page to replace gif and audio with YouTube teaser
Oct 2, 2008 revised events, winter special training and summer special training dates and leaders
Sep 15, 2008 added nage-no-kumite page with youtube video
Sep 12, 2008 updated links, home page, 30th Anniversary with youtube videos
May 27, 2008 updated the kumite page to include short YouTube video
Dec 13, 2007 updated events page kyu results and upcoming dates -- added Ohshima Sensei remarks to new godans
Dec 7, 2007 major revision to all nagewaza pages to add clips of Norman Welch demonstrations and a new ukemi page.
Dec 6, 2007 added gyakuzuki movie and page to our sparse kihon section
Dec 5, 2007 added Norman Welch nagewaza and suwariwaza videos
Nov 26, 2007 corrected special training contacts and leaders for spring and summer, 2008
Nov 11, 2007 Added group photo from kyu test to events page
Nov 10, 2007 Updated torite with YouTube movie and revised instructions.
July 9, 2007 Updated Iai with movie of Frank Lee and Mark Kohagura, fixed sounds in nagewaza so they don't play automatically, added Greg Scott's jiyu-kumite drills
July 8, 2007 Fairwell party at Beltram's -- Casey Brown moving to Florida, Mike Gall called to active duty, and Eric Daly moving to Peoria (and eventually to start a dojo there).  We miss you guys and think of you often -- be well and safe and keep up your practice!

Greg Oliver, John Kaczynski, Sarah Oliver, Mike Lyon, Mike Gall, Jon Beltram, Mike Bedinger, Casey Brown, Nancy Aguirre, Sean Calhoun, Spike Peucher, Eric Daly.
Jun 15, 2007 Updated events calendar to show new kyu test dates and special training dates -- updated special trainings to show 2008 dates and new administrator contact information and most recent photos.  Updated black belts page to upgrade Josh Dooley and Mike Bedinger to nidan and to add new UNL shodan Brad Kindler:
Apr 25, 2007 removed most links from links page, updated UNL listing per David Altman email of April 10
Mar 20, 2007 updated summer special training cost per Kei Teramoto
Feb 23, 2007 Updated event dates
Jan 30, 2007 Updated spring training
Jan 25, 2007 Updated spring and summer special training dates & contacts per JKB
Nov 11, 2006 Removed long list of comfort-stuff people might like to bring to special training.
Sep 28, 2006 Revised schedule to conform to reality and repaired index page video
Aug 24, 2006 Continued repair of broken navigation in Essays
Jun 15, 2006 updated black belts by rank -- new shodans June 11, 2006 Mike Bedinger, Sandy Kemper, Josh Dooley:
Jun 12, 2006 relinked essays
Jun 3, 2006 updated Carl Johnson's email
May 18, 2006 Three godans practice schedule
Apr 29, 2006 Reloaded entire site -- please report problems to webmaster@kc-shotokan.com
Apr 2, 2006 Corrected spelling of Tokufu-ji in Zen Essays
Feb 20, 2006 Updated Jon Beltram's essay on strategy (major update).  Removed AT&T dojo from affiliates per Tom Peacher.  Updated Robert Leonard and Casey Brown in Black Belts.  And then changed Robert Leonard back to original...
Feb 16, 2006 Updated grading and special training information under EVENTS
Sep 11, 2005 Updated affiliates to correct date and location and updated black belts a bit more.
Sep 10, 2005 Updated affiliates to add Warrensburg Shotokan, updated black belts to partially bring rankings and new shodans up to date
Sep 02, 2005 Updated link to Saratoga dojo, Tahoe dojo, Carson Valley dojo -- per Mack Kusumoto
Aug 26, 2005 Updated Kyu Test dates
Jun 07, 2005 Updated spring and summer special trainings for 2006
Dec 06, 2004 Updated summer special training for 2005
Nov 27, 2004 Updated spring special training for 2005
Sep 13, 2004 Updated Jon Beltram's email address
Sep 03, 2004 Added Ken Osborne's "Mental Strategy" essay. Also updated black belts page for new nidans
Sep 02, 2004 Added registration form to Osborne visit page
Mar 22, 2004 Increased monthly  club dues.
Feb 11, 2004 Added page for Ken Osborne's 9/17-19 visit.
Jan 02, 2004 Updated special training and kyu test dates in Events, Summer Special Training, Spring Special Training, and Grading Schedule
Dec 11, 2003 Added John Teramoto's translation of "The 20 Guiding Principles of Karate..." and repaired the site so that it is not possible to view files in individual directories.
Oct 09, 2003 Updated Kyu Test and Special Training Dates, Practice Schedule, updated index, updated spring and summer special training page, added Jeff Hanes to Black Belts (1977) and updated ranks for successful dan candidates.  Changed main navigation links and added Photo of Monday Class here:

Andy Brown's Monday class is growing... (OLD with a combined training time of WAY over 100 years)!!
Robert Leonard, Mike Lyon, Greg Barstow, Andy Brown, David Lightner, Nancy Aguirre
July 16, 2003 Added videos for Heian Shodan (by Jon Beltram), Tekki Shodan (by Manfred Chiu and Gichin Funakoshi), Tekki Nidan (by Larry Lazarus), Empi (by Ron Thom, Sadaharu Honda 1976, and unknown 1924), Jion (by Caylor Adkins 1976).
May 16, 2003 Changed deadline for special training from May 19 to May 30 to conform to SKA Newsletter typo.
May 6, 2003 Transferred site from the horrendous FeaturePrice.com to InsiderHosting.com -- at just over 37,150 visits.
May 2, 2003 In honor of our new Nantenbo calligraphy in the dojo, I have added an essay on Nantenbo...
Apr 14, 2003 Ohshima's and Lyon's notes on fasting added to Essays.
Apr 4, 2003 Summer Special Training information added.
Mar 22, 2003 Jon Beltram has updated his STRATEGIES essay.
Mar 13, 2003 150 new video dubs are back in stock...  released 1988 Practice with Ohshima Sensei for sale again and also in the main BOOKS & TAPES page.
Mar 12, 2003 Added Greg Scott's fantastic Comments from a Dojo to Essays.  Wow!
Mar 9, 2003 Added Zen Lecture notes, Zen sitting instructions and notes.
Feb 14, 2003 Removed Gi Order page and ordered gis
Jan 29, 2003 Added COOP Gi orders for Club members through 2/14/03
Jan 23, 2003 Added Essay by Jon Beltram on Icing and Heating injuries.
Dec 23, 2002 Added Heat-Illness page to Essays section.
Dec 12, 2002 Repaired shared borders.  Updated BOOKS with new Amazon quicklinks (and changed our Associates setup to directly deposit Associates revenues into our dojo checking account).  Also changed Sanbon Kumite.
Nov 25, 2002 Updated Spring Special Training
Oct 30, 2002 Revised kyu test schedule and other stuff. on events menu and grading schedule
Oct 28, 2002 Added Jon Beltram's comment to Mind and Kata
Oct 15, 2002 Updated Peninsula Dojo on links page
Oct 8, 2002 LIVE VIDEO FEED implemented!!
Sep 30, 2002 Revised Home Page to use Flash 6 movie instead of animated GIF and WAV...
Sep 17, 2002 Corrected Laura Gonzalez's Rank on the Black Belts page, and repaired several errors left over from the move.
Sep 15, 2002 Moved site to FeaturePrice.com Hosting in order to gain 5gb disk at 1/2 the price.  Updated Members Only page.  Updated directions page.
Aug 9, 2002 Kids' class page updated with pix from final practice -- thanks, Matt!
Jun 21, 2002 KID'S CLASS PAGE added -- Matt Chatfield has his hands full !!
Jun 20, 2002 Added Torite page with Flash movie
Jun 19, 2002 Added page for Guy Trimble's new book, Karate 'Bo' Take-aways and added link for Amazon purchase of the book
May 2, 2002 Repaired spelling of Nancy Aguirre's name and improved photo attribution to Susan Atkinson in Photo Album
Apr 30, 2002 Added link to photos in Brown Belt Practice, and added photo scrap book to Triple Godan Practice.
Apr 20, 2002 Updated Kyu Test Results
Apr 16, 2002 Updated Honda/Adkins page.  Added Essays -- Brown Belt Practice by Rachel Haughenberry and Ross Kelson, Mind and Kata - a dialog by various seniors, Training Experience by Ian Horner, added photo to Mike Schuler's Kata Essay, and began adding links to this Revisions page to make it easier to view changed pages.  Began to write Mike's Artist pages using Dreamweaver and removed them from FrontPage navigation.  The Kansas City Civic Orchestra website at http://kccivic.org is looking very good, too, with our March concert available for listening!
Mar 30, 2002 Added site search capability to left border, Funakoshi movie to Tekki Sandan, What to bring to ST page to events, new kyu test date, Adkins & Honda practice info page, a bit of other tweaking. 
Dec 6, 2001 Revised Index.htm home page to include higher quality streaming video of 60 second 'commercial'
Nov 12, 2001 Revised Grading Schedule to include 2002 kyu test dates and Nov 10 kyu results and link 'Revised' to this page.
Oct 15, 2001 Revised Schuler Essay!  Wow!  Revised Members page links.
Sep 24, 2001 Revised subscription links on Members' page.  Updated links page.  Udated Kyohan link in nagewaza pages.  Updated BuyIt button on Video tape pages. 
Sep 21, 2001 Added PayPal buttons to Video Tapes in Books and Tapes section in order to allow video purchases via secure credit card transactions over the web.  Updated Schuler essay to reflect recent revisions by the author.  Added links to Members' main page to facilitate subscription to SKA email groups.
Aug 23, 2001 Major revisions to Navigation in order to focus more strongly on bringing in new members -- club schedule and fees brought to index page.  Black Belts moved from 30th anniversary to club section.  Added Schuler essay.  Many minor revisions to correct mis-spellings etc.
Jul 26, 2001 First update using MS FrontPage 2002.  Updated Black Belts to add Tyson Bryan and updated Books and Tapes to add image of Karate Jutsu
Jun 22, 2001 Updated Instructors, Affiliates, Black Belts to reflect current rank David Altman=yodan, Rich Stohlmann=nidan, Paulo Flores, Nancy Aguirre, Jim Sangster=shodan.
Mar 26, 2001 Revised Instructors to reflect current (added Greg Oliver, removed Eric Manuel and Mark Sanchez -- thank you, Eric and Mark for all your hard work and volunteer spirit!), changed kyu test date from 4/28 to 4/21/01, and updated class schedule to remove Sunday 5pm class and update Tuesday 6:30 instructor to Greg Oliver.  Added instructor link from schedule to bookmark in instructor page.
Jan 13, 2001 Added Greg Scott's article on Tournament Fighting, Meir Waxman's article on Kata Practice to Essays section.  Minor changes to Instructors and Schedule sections.
Jan 3, 2001 Revised special training information and navigation. Added events menu.  Moved grading to essays and added ST leader notes to essays.
Nov 30, 2000 Added 'Essays' section under Technique with Itosu's 10 important points of To-te.
Oct 31, 2000 Updated Carl Johnson's rank to yodan in Affiliates page
Sep 6, 2000 Eliminated Margin at top and left
Aug 29, 2000 Added Tekki Nidan to Technique/Kata section.
Aug 24, 2000 Updated Jon Beltram's rank to Godan after Shotokan Ohshima Dojo Grand Opening Celebration & Godan Testing completion August 22.
Aug 2, 2000 Added Black Belt names and photos to 30th Anniversary.  Added Siddhartha (for Ross Kelson) & Amazon search form to Books and Tapes.  Minor corrections to shared borders to eliminate individual formatting.
Aug 1, 2000 Changed navigation, color to yellow, new logo.  Added SKA to menu.  Partial repair to navigation and display problem.
Jul 29, 2000 Extensive Update ! Changed navigation.  No more frames.  Revised most pages.
Jul 25, 2000 Added extensive links to SKA dojos to links page 
Jul 22, 2000 Added Iai page with Jon Beltram and Donnie Duncan to Technique/Kumite menu.
Jul 20, 2000 Converted site from Tarantula to MS Front-Page.  Added Mr. Honda's voice explaining pronunciation to Nagewaza pages under Technique/Nagewaza menu.
Jan 3-7, 2000 Jan-Term course for high-school students from the Pembroke Hill School. A two hour karate practice every day for a week! Students learned all basic blocks, punches, and kicks; the Heian Shodan kata, ippon & sambon kumite (sparring), self-defense against wrist grabs and head locks, and had a great time with continuous attacks and a very spirited push-hips practice!

Nov 1999 Web page begun



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